The Sun Also Sets (work in progress)

  "The Sun Also Sets" is the sequel to "The Beast Within." After returning from Poland, Josh retired from armwrestling. Rather than fade away like so many athletic stars, Josh exited armwrestling at his peak (never mind that he never won a single match).

But, upon his retirement, Josh realized that he still needed a way to support himself. A frustrated career counselor suggested bullfighting and Josh thought it sounded like a good idea. "The Sun Also Sets" follows Josh as he trains in Tijuana and travels through Spain in his attempt to become a real matador. He eventually finds a spiritual home with a troupe of midget matadors - as a result of their teachings, he is approved to give his first public performance.  

"The Sun Also Sets" is co-directed by Carlos Roig.
Representation: Rick Jacobs- Circle of Confusion - 310 253-7777