After placing fourth out of four in the lightweight division of the U.S. National Armwrestling Championship, Joshua Davis, a young writer from San Francisco, becomes part of Team USA and travels to Gdynia, Poland to compete in the World Armwrestling Championship. "The Beast Within" is the story of his journey.

With footage from competitions across America as well as a close-up view of the over 500 armwrestlers who traveled to northern Poland, the documentary explores a subculture rife with oft-mistaken stereotypes, brute strength and heart-rending dedication.  

  Interviews with the oldest competitive armwrestler and the reigning heavyweight champion provide insight into the sport and Josh's potential role on the international armwrestling stage, as do interviews with his skeptical family and friends.

Through fierce weight-lifting, consultations with his stylist, and pep talks from vitamin salesmen, Josh explores his own ambitions, allowing the audience to watch his physical and spiritual growth while being given a unique glimpse into the world of competitive armwrestling.

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"The Beast Within" is co-directed by Joanna Silber.
Representation: Rick Jacobs- Circle of Confusion - 310 253-7777